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Dianne L.

" Staff are very friendly and technicians extremely knowledgable, especially with my radiant system. My radiant system had nothing working, boiler was was not heating properly, some of the controls kept making snapping noises and some rooms were always either way too hot or way too cold. I kept having pumps fail and valves leaking. They even showed my the black sticky stuff in the water. It was really gross.
RBA Mechanical came in went over my system with me and told me right away what was wrong and what had to be done to fix it. They gave me a quote and they were willing to work with my budget by doing the work in stages. We did the worse things first, and continued each month for 4 months. All I can say is WOW! Everything works, is quiet and so comfortable now. My utility bill even went down some. It was well worth every penny I spent.
If anyone really wants their radiant system to work, I really recommend RBA Mechanical."
Edmonton, AB
Edmonton, AB

"" Very professional and friendly to deal with. They know my radiant heating system"

Jim S.
Edmonton, AB
Edmonton, AB

"My indoor air quality was so bad that we had to move out. Your knowledge with all my equipment was very impressive, and I was amazed you could diagnose all my equipment as one system."
Stony Plain

"I have to tell you how much we love Ron. His level of knowledge and expertise has already changed the quality of our home.
St Albert, AB
Edmonton, AB

"You may be more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Your Technicians are very knowledgable and highly skilled. I will definetly keep calling for service."

Hal T.
Edmonton, AB

"" out of our entire house edition project, your company has been the only one reliable and dependable. A real treat to work with. Thank you, our new radiant floor works great."

Cynthia A.
Sherwood Park, AB
Edmonton, AB

"I don't usually give a Contractor a review, I work for a heating contractor myself. But sometimes we need to call RBA in as a backup for backflow testing or pipe freezing work. They're great. We've used them off and on now for about 8 years. We can fully trust RBA Mechanical to do the work for our customers honestly. Most of the time we don't even need to be there with them. They may show up in a marked RBA van, but they treat me as their customer and respect my customer's privacy. I highly recommend RBA Mechanical to any Contractor who needs a hand from time to time. They are absolutely trustworthy."

A.E, - Heating Contractor

"Throughout this entire project, your company has been the nicest to deal with. Very fast and professional! Thanks again!!"

Matison H.
Edmonton, AB

"" I will not let anyone else work on my boilers, Ron is very skilled and knows exactly what is needed. Your staff are very friendly and clean. I don't ever mind having them in my building."

Carlos P.
St Albert, AB
Sherwood Park, AB
Edmonton, AB
Edmonton, AB
Here is a list of customer reviews we have received over the years. Most of our clients are long term repeat clients. We have clients that have been with us since our opening 20 years ago. We have clients that have used us for the past 10-15 years, and newer clients who found us 5-7 years ago, and who still use our services. And, of course, we have the newest clients who just discovered our exceptional services.
Edmonton, AB

Excellent service, very clean.
Edmonton, AB

RBA really knows their stuff. Answered all my questions and took the time to explain my system to me. highly recommend.
Edmonton, AB

"I've been using RBA Mechanical for about 5 years. they are very knowledgeable and very friendly. they are always happy to see me and to help with what I need. I have a furnace for my house, one for my garage, and a central air conditioning system. They do excellent work and I've rarely ever had to make a call-back call to them. Even then, it was just faulty parts. I have them in at least 2 times a year doing maintenance on my equipment. The technicians are very clean and trustworthy. I highly recommend RBA Mechanical to anyone looking for a longer term relationship with a heating or cooling contractor."

Debbie P.
Edmonton, AB

"I've been using RBA Mechanical for about 6 years now. I have a furnace in my house that they look after very well, as well as an air conditioning system they put in for me. but I also had RBA Mechanical install floor heating on my main floor. It works great. The boiler they put in just hangs on a wall and it's one where parts are so easy to get. That's what I like about them, they only use equipment and parts that are very easy to get locally. They are so friendly and clean. They come in the spring, and fall and I have them over about every 2 months to look after my filters and the a/c equipment (especially in the summer) for me and to make sure everything operates great.
I really recommend to anyone looking for a long term contractor, they are great.

Anita T.
Edmonton, AB

"I had a furnace installed by RBA Mechanical 10 years ago. I admit, I neglected it. Didn't do a thing to it in 10 years. When I called for service a couple of weeks ago, I was so impressed. They sent the same technician to my house who did the installation 10 years ago.

Edmonton, AB

"had nothing but problems all winter long with my heating. I was told by a friend to call RBA Mechanical. I didn't. So the problems went on until finally absolutely nothing worked anymore. I called RBA, and the tech came out. He went over the mechanical system and took a fluid sample of the glycol. It was grose! It was black and kinda thick. he opened up a valve, and we saw a solid block of black icky stuff. My whole mechanical system was full of bacteria. RBA did a full flush & purge. repaired the things that stopped working, and now I have a system to be proud of. I learned my lesson about doing maintenance the hard way. Now I have RBA in twice a year to look after my system.

St Albert, AB

"I've used RBA Mechanical for years. They are extremely trustworthy. I have always paid a bit more with them, but I can trust RBA with a key to my house. I have a problem, I don't need to be home, I just leave my key for the tech. Anytime RBA may need a deposit for special order stuff, I never hesitate to pay them. I always get an invoice right away, and they keep track of my order until it's in. They always email or call me with followups when I couldn't be home for the tech. It's a great experience.

Allen J
Sherwood Park, AB

"I was researching radiant heating systems, and came accross RBA Mechanical. before calling them, I went through alot of websites, documents and other contractors for answers. When I finally got ahold of RBA, I started asking them more questions. It seemed I just kept having more questions. The tech I was working with finally turned to me and said "forget everything about radiant heating systems". That surprised me, but the tech told me I was double-talking my questions, and just running myself around in circles. I had actually over-reaserched the topic and wasn't able to focus on the subject anymore. So I did just that. Then we talked for a short time, and I finally understood, and got the right answers I needed. I didn't realize I was running myself in circles and just kept confusing myself more and more. RBA was terrific. I got my radiant design, and got the job finally moving ahead.

Edmonton, AB

"I'm a member of a condo board for a large 4-storey condo buildiing. Our building was having nothing but heating and dhw problems. We called in about 10 different contrators (I know, usually a no-no), but no one was consistance and we were'nt confortable with any of them. We finally got to RBA and they sent their tech specialist over. He spent about 20 min going over the mechanical room. When he was ready, he didn't say what was wrong, he told us what our symptoms were. He told us what we were experiencing. He was correct all around. He did up his report, quoted us on the necessary work, and we spent 3 months cleaning up and repairing our mechanical room. The problems were solved immediately after the work was done. We call in RBA anytime we have a problem, and they do the maintenance service in the mechanical room. The quality is great, no warranty issues, no workmanship problems, no call backs."

Edmonton, AB

I was fed up. We had nothing but emergency calls, no-heats, no-hot water, my monthly bills were through the roof. Finally called RBA to check out my system. Had to pay a fee to get them out, but they reported their findings and quoted me the work.. they fixed everything on a workable monthly budget prioritizing the most important problems first, and the emergency calls stopped. now I only get a few emergency calls relating to units only, which my local contractor can deal with.. I spent alot of money fixing my mess over the past few months, but RBA was there for me, and solved my problems. No call-backs or warranty issues. I now have them in every 6 months for maintenance. I highly recommend them.

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