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This part of our services is specifically for all Radiant Heating systems currently running off a standard water heater.

Standard water heaters cannot be used for radiant heating systems. It does not matter if it is a closed loop system or an open loop system. Water heaters for radiant heating has been illegal for some time now, as they are not safe to run with radiant heating, they are extremely inefficiently to operate, and they generally only last a few short years. And most insurance companies do not insure these Installations.

This generally has been leading clients to abandon their radiant systems due to the high cost of converting to a boiler system, or illegally replacing their water heaters with another water heater.

However boiler systems for small applications are still the best alternative and have become less expensive and far more efficient then any water heater replacement. They also last far longer then a water heater. The life span of a well maintained boiler system can last 20-30 years vrs a water heater with a general life span of only 5 - 10 years.

Option 1 - combo boiler. For RBA Mechanical to replace your water heater with a combo boiler, it must serve both your domestic hot water and the radiant. You cannot do one without the other as that's the way the units are manufactured and CSA approved. A combo boiler is the best solution for Installations where the existing water heater also serves the domestic hot water.

Option 2 - the heat only boiler. There are quick and easy boiler solutions for small radiant heat systems that currently operate off a standard water heater. All the necessary components are still provided, but with an install cost far less then a standard boiler system. It is efficient to install, it is legal, and best of all, you can keep the comforts of your small radiant system.

If you currently have a water heater for your radiant system, you can get an instant online quote, book online or call RBA Mechanical now, for your free estimate.