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What is indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is how you feel in your home, business or office. It is your health. How you breath, how your skin feels, how you feel. The quality of the air in your home, office or building is dictated by heating, ventilation, humidification, air filtration, and air conditioning equipment.

At RBA Mechanical, we understand indoor air quality. We look at all the HVAC equipment in your home, office, or business as one system, not as individual components. How your HVAC equipment works, and how they all work together, dictates the air quality in your home.

The most common symptoms of bad indoor air are:
- itchy skin
- trouble breathing
- dry coughing, when not related to an illness
- headaches
- fatique
- irritants
- sever cases can cause illness

If you are currently experiencing any or all of the symptoms listed, you may have bad indoor air quality. Stop suffering and call RBA Mechanical today or book online now to purchase your indoor air quality assessment, starting as low as $275.

All Indoor air quality assessments include complimentary Carbon Monoxide testing.