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Home Owner Kits
RBA Mechanical offers custom Home Owner Kits to both residential and commercial clients.

A home Owner kit from RBA Mechanical can consist of anything you may want or need for your mechanical system, whether it be furnaces, central air conditioning, or hydronic systems.

Some examples that can be added to your custom Home Owner Kit include:
- domestic cold water filter cartridges
- furnace flame rod
- boiler flame roll out switch
- outdoor or indoor sensors
- side stream filter cartridges
- zone or radiator valves and / or cartridges
- pump couplers
- pump valouts
- zone pumps
- boiler thermocouples
- circuit boards
- thermostat guards

All parts sold in the Home Owner Kits are automatically 10% off our regular sell price.

Best part is, if a part does fail, you have it on site. This saves running around, waiting for your part to come in, and can even save service time and cost.

To get a quote on your custom Home Owner kit, simply give us a call with your equipment model # & serial # with the list of parts you want. We'll send you our quote, and you can pick and choose the parts you want. It's that simple. If in Edmonton area, we even deliver your Kit to your door free of charge.