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Yes, you can heat your driveway, sidewalk, steps, ramps, and any other outdoor surface that you want.

Have an outdoor patio or gazebo? You can heat that to.
Don't want to chop out concrete? No problem. We can install tube overtop and pour new concrete.

Anything you can think of, we can heat with tubes.

What's your "Scheme-A-Dream"?

Heated Driveways & Pads
Residential - Commercial - Industrial
- We offer automatic heating, so no worries about forgetting to turn off that switch.

- we provide high efficient equipment and tuning, so it won't break the bank for years to come.

- we install the best tubing available... memory pex tube so you can't squash it, with 30 years limited warranty against material defects.
- we imbed the tubing right in the concrete to eliminate downward heat losses and to maximize the energy used to heat your pad. That makes for very high efficient operation.
- an environment friendly heat transfer glycol is used to prevent your new investment from freezing. We do not use any toxic substances.

- all our heated pads are properly designed to meet code requirements.

Ready for your "Scheme-A-Dream?

Purchasing options include:
- full tube & mechanical installation
- stage work... install rough-in phase, and install mechanical later
- sweat equity plans... save some money with our DIY options

How do you get your own heated pad? Contact us today to get started.