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Do not pay retail prices for hand sanitizer
We still have face masks available to you.

The masks are brand new 3-ply disposable surgical masks, re-packed in quantities of 5 (quantities are sold based on need and current stock) at $10 per 5 pak. There is a minimum order of 5 packages.

The hand sanitizer is a liquid formulation based on the W H O formulas. (Not a gel). We sell it per ml in refillable bottles, (based on the bottles and sizes we have in stock).

We collect empty bottles from our customers, and sanitize them for reuse. So you pay for hand sanitizer only, not the bottles.

We also sell in 10 Ltr bottle sizes (spigot included).
(Availability is based on production).

👉 NEW: 4 Ltr bottles with hand pump is now available.
Empty bottles are Free with purchase of 10 Ltr bottles.

$0.02 / ml based on available bottle sizes (min 3 ltr)
$210 / 10 ltr bottle (includes spigot)
$15 / Empty 4 ltr bottle with hand pump (min 6 bottles)
$95 / full 4 ltr bottle with hand pump
(Orders subject to $10 delivery fee)
(Add gst to prices)

Contact us today to place your order. We accept online e-transfers and credit card by phone.
Our bottle recycle program
If you purchase hand sanitizer from us, we ask that you keep your empty bottles for re-use. We will collect them, sanitize them, and put them into re-circulation.

All bottles must have labels that can be removed.

Here's a list of types of bottles we can collect & reuse, up to 1 ltr sizes:

- any empty bottle we provide to you
- any plastic alcohol bottles (minimum 200 ml bottle sizes)
- medium to large hand sanitizer bottles (from 100 ml sizes and up)
- hand soap bottles (pump styles preferred)

Pump style bottles are difficult to get, so if you have any empty bottles that are pump style where the labels can be removed, we can collect them and see if they can be reused.

We cannot use any type of plastic soda, juice or water bottles.

Contact us today to place your order. We accept online e-transfers and credit card by phone.
** non participation in our bottle recycle program will be subject to a bottle fee with purchase of hand sanitizer.
Available to Edmonton, Sherwood Park & St Albert
residents & businesses
Minimum orders DO NOT apply to existing plumbing & heating clients
"You supported me and my family with free PPE when this crisis started. I know you've done that with all your customers. And thanks to your lower service rates, I have been able to keep my family safe and will continue to support your company.... I feel confident when I call for Service or purchase my ppe from you. thank you Ron & Diane!"