COVID-19 update
As we all know, these are trying times. But be assured that RBA Mechanical takes our employees and YOUR health and safety seriously.

RBA Mechanical is open for business, and will remain open for business to serve you in this crisis.

RBA Mechanical has strong protocols when it comes to hand washing. We wash our hands before and after every job so there is no transferring between homes or buildings.

Should you require it, whether you are ill or in self isolation, we have gloves and masks to protect you and our employees, and we replace the gloves frequently throughout our tasks.
Please be aware that our material Suppliers have currently closed their doors to the public.

This means we will have longer wait times while they pick our materials and deliver to our vehicles. Please be patient, and know that RBA Mechanical WILL NOT charge extra for these delays.

As well, the delivery of materials may take longer to arrive as Manufactures, and Shippers must also adapt to these changes.

Due to current restrictions, manufactures & suppliers are not currently accepting any returns or exchanges on materials or equipment.
Delivery of Materials
What We Are Doing
As Governments work to decrease your financial burden, RBA Mechanical is doing what they can to keep you safe, help prevent the spread of Covid-19, and stay in business when you need us most.

Effective immediately, until June 30, 2020
🔻All no-touch residential and commercial plumbing fixtures will be 20% off.
This includes battery operated toilet and urinal flushometers, and
no-touch basin & kitchen faucets

🔻UV air treatment systems for ducted systems will also be 20% off.

Effective immediately, until May 30, 2020

🔻a lower per hour labour rate.
as our financial burdens increase, Governments, Utility companies, and mortgage firms are all doing what they can to help financially and to keep our economy moving.

RBA Mechanical is no different, so we are offering a major reduction in our labour rate until May 30. At that time we will reassess.

Thank you for your continued support, and please remember that we are all in this together.
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