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About Us
RBA Mechanical is exclusive to Contractors only
Due to popular demand, RBA Mechanical now serves Contractors only. Ron Alexander will be working exclusively with our Contractor customers, at a contractors-only rate.

Call on RBA Mechanical when you need an experienced Journeyman on the job.

Our services are available on a per-job basis, so if you need the extra help, you can call without any long term commitment.

We offer our services to all contractors: HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Suppression, Mechanical, General & Industrial contractors.
Our existing long term clients will still be looked after by our remaining staff, but we no longer accept clients from the private sector.

Our most requested services by contractors, include:

- diagnostics & repairs on boilers, MUA units and furnaces
- backflow device testing, repairs & device installations
- job / project consulting
- boiler / system startups
- equipment installations
- pipefitting
- extra labour

You can provide the parts or equipment needed on the job, or have us do it.

Our rate schedule is all inclusive and includes Ron, our service vehicle, basic tools, basic testing equipment, and WCB coverage.
For industrial contractors, our rate also includes the basic PPE and safety certifications. Any specialized equipment to be provided by the Industrial client.
Industrial Contractors:

Check out Our Bio to view Ron's career and experience.
All services are billed based on agreed terms.
Residential / Commercial Contractors
Industrial Contractors
Backflow Device Testing
$55 / hr reg rate
$65 / hr reg rate
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