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RBA Mechanical is a main source for Backflow Prevention / Cross Connection Control Services. Besides device testing and device installations, we are one of the few companies that are certified for device repair.

Backflow devices are found everywhere, including, but not limited to, on the water service, fire suppression systems, chemical treatment, boiler water makeup, detector assemblies, and other applications. But Backflow devices are also found on soda machines and garden hose connections. We have been working with all sizes of Backflow devices right from the small 1/4" all the way up to the 12" devices for 25 years.

Our services include, device testing, device repairs, new installations and replacements, and bypass circuits.

Our clients include:
- Hospitals and other medical & dental facilities
- Institutes, and Health facilities
- Fuel companies
- Plants, shops and power companies
- Water treatment plants
- Hotels
- Management companies
- Shops, restaurants & other businesses
- Residential homes
- Municipalities

We also work for many local Contractors who do not have a certified Backflow tester on staff. So when their client needs the service, they call on us to do the testing or device repairs. We work with our contractor clients as a team. Our contractor clients include fire suppression companies, general contractors, plumbing contractors, and heating & mechanical contractors.

How many devices do we test? We have done as many as 150-200 devices on one project. We work with hospitals that have an average of 35 to 100 devices per facility, hotels that have an average of 15 devices, and other institutes with an average of 8 devices. Our contractor and management companies tend to have multiple sights with 1 or 2 devices per site. We also look after the residential home or commercial business with only 1 or 2 devices.

Whether you have only 1 device, or multiple devices, call RBA Mechanical for all your Backflow Prevention needs. We are both qualified and experienced to meet all your needs.
Matison H.
Project Administrator

" Throughout this entire project, your company has been the nicest to deal with. Very fast and professional! Thanks again!"
Call for Service Now: 780-474-7481
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