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From 1979 to 1985 Ron was strongly involved in Air Cadets, and acquired extensive flight training. For 14 years, Ron also played left defence in hockey in several hockey leagues and attended Nait Hockey School for several years. It was these experiences that has given Ron the discipline and patience required on every job and has allowed excellence in customer service.

Ron's initial career began in 1982 when he completed a 3 year apprenticeship in Automotives. He had also spent 5 years at the local drag racing track as Mechanical Crew Chief, continuing his talents in automotives. It is this combined experience that has given Ron the rare gift of mechanical insights and mechanical troubleshooting & diagnostics that he is able to use on every job he is involved in.
Ron E.

I find RBA Mechanical very knowledgable and highly skilled. I have never had to call them back to fix something they did, and I've used them for more then 5 years now. they're terrific.
About RBA Mechanical and Our Careers
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RBA Mechanical has been serving Edmonton & area for over 20 years. Our continuous goal is to ensure your building runs safely & more efficiently to create a clean, healthy, and a more comfortable productive working and living environment.

We have over 80 years of combined experience, both in "old school" technologies and in current high tech developments.
After Helmar Plumbing and Heating, Ron was invited to join RBA Mechanical. Shortly after the birth of RBA Mechanical, Ron had taken on the roll to represent Alberta Employers while he was a member of the Provincial Apprenticeship Committee for Gasfitters. Ron had further excelled as the acting alternate presiding officer for six out of seven years that he was there.

It was this committee group that changed the Gasfitting trade from a two year curiculum to three years of technical training, including writing training material, exams, working with provincial government and training institutes. Eventually the committee became so powerful they formed a Local Apprenticeship Committee. As well, a Provincial Sub-Committee was also established around the same time.

Ron served all three committees while helping steer RBA Mechanical into the success it is today.
In 1985, Ron switched careers to the Pipe Trades. By 1989, he acquired his Journeyman Class A Gasfitter and Journeyman Plumber Red Seal certificates. He furthered his abilities with the Cross Connection Control testers certificate with Device Repair (backflow Prevention). Throughout his long career, Ron has continued his training with safety courses and equipment & controls training.

For 18 years, Ron worked for Helmar Plumbing and Heating. It was through his career at Helmar, that Ron gained his commercial and industrial experience, as well as other disciplines.

🔹 Brown & Route 1993-1996: Ron spent this time at the Brown & Route fabrication yard, doing diagnostics, troubleshooting & repairs of their entire mechanical system.

🔹 Shell / Scottford Refinery 1994-1996: Ron was at the Shell / Scottford Refinery, connecting all their pressure systems on their new water well systems. Including, controls, electrical, and plumbing.

🔹 The Carlton, downtown Edmonton 1985-1998: Worked on all the heating equipment, including the make-up air, pneumatics, plumbing & gas. Other buildings Ron had worked in, included the Cambridge building, Quin House, the Peppertree, the Executive, Capital Towers, the Saskatchewan, Fort Gary House, Whitehall Place, Bateman Manor, and Pioneer Place.
Ron is our Service Manager and our Application Specialist.
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